Fohan Quan Traditional Wushu

Latest News: November 2006 - A new video is online from Master Li's 2004 television appearance on the popular Henan TV show, Wu Lin Feng. See the video links at the bottom of the photo gallery page to view.

October 2006 - The biggest traditional wushu competition — The Second World Traditional Championships — were held from October 15-19th, 2006 in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, China. Several thousand participated, coming from 66 different countries to compete. Master Li, chairman of the China Fohan Quan Association, competed in two events and had the honor of winning a gold and silver medal in those events.

September 2006 - Master Li has recieved an award from the Chinese Governement for his efforts in founding the Hong Xiang Kung Fu School in Puyang, Henan, which was declared as "A Model Example of Excellent School Construction" . There was a reception at the Great Hall of the People, followed by a performance by two of Master Li's Fohan Quan students. Please see the Training Gallery for photos from the event as well as some photos of training on the Great Wall of China.

This website is about the Fohan Quan style of Chinese Kung Fu and the Hong Xiang Wushu School where it is taught in China.

Martial artists from around the world are invited to attend the school in China, to study under the guidance of expert coaches and masters in order to learn this unique and highly practical style, and others. This style has been passed down family-style for hundreds of years and has only very recently begun to be shared with people from other countries.

In addition to Fohan Quan, the school also has courses of study in Shaolin Quan, Taiji Quan, and Sanda (kick boxing).

This is a unique opportunity to study traditional Chinese wushu in a small school, surrounded by real Chinese culture. The school is owned and run by the main master, who has been training and teaching for nearly 30 years. It is now his wish to spread his beloved style to the rest of the world.

The school is located in the town of Puyang in Henan Province, which has won awards for being among the most green and livable towns in the country.

Information about the style, its origins and ties to Shaolin kung fu can be found on the Fohan Quan Style page. If you are interested in finding out about the school and what living and training at the school is like, then you can visit the School Information page.

Be sure to check out all the photos (videos coming soon) on the Photos page to get a better idea of the school, the town it is located in, the students, and the training. If you have a sincere interest in training at this school, or have some questions about the style or the school, use the Contact page to get in touch with someone (a native English speaker) who can answer your questions.